Songs of Praise

I couldn’t think of any 80s children’s programmes that were shown on a Sunday and the only Sunday programme I could think of was Songs of Praise. Not that I used to watch it, you understand, but my brother was on it many many years ago singing in the choir. Ha ha, he had a choir dress on, or whatever you call them. V. funny.

Anyway, I couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym, so I went for a run instead. Along with continuing the 80s children’s programmes theme, I seem to be continuing the totally feeble theme. 1.5 miles, and I stopped three times. Yikes! But obviously it was v. important that I took a pic of this blackbird.

Next week I’m going to unfeeble myself.

I think it’s been a couple of days since I moaned about B and bloody Q so here’s a little rant.

Can someone tell me why I have to live with these two big boxes in my living room

just to get these four parts out of them?

Mad! I bet someone at B&Q thought they were being really clever thinking of that: “Hmm, the parts are from China, it’ll take ages getting them over here. Ooh, I know, we’ll send her a whole new sink and the fitters can take the parts out of that and then return the rest of the sink. That will be much easier than us taking the parts out of a sink we have here and posting them. I’m so clever, I think I’m going to ask for a promotion. Today teaboy, tomorrow CEO, yah!”


Miles: 1.51
Total time: 17:06
Average pace: 11:17 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 7.3mph
Total calories: 149
Weather: 51F
Birds sitting on fences: 1
Big boxes in my front room: 2
Eminem – Kill You
Courtney Love – All The Drugs
The Beta Band – Broke


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