B&Q bathroom installation – day 34

Hurrah, my mate Alan at the installation centre is back from wherever it is people at B&Q go on holiday (Homebase probably) and rings me at 10.45.  He says he’s just going through the notes and is ringing to see what’s outstanding as he last spoke to me at the end of November.

I say I’m waiting for the bath panel.  I say it’s coming by Parcel Force and they tried to deliver last Monday but I wasn’t in and they left a card to say they’d try again Tuesday or Thursday, I couldn’t quite read it, but they haven’t as they haven’t left a card or anything and I did speak to someone at the installation centre last week but I don’t know his name and he said he couldn’t arrange another delivery until that delivery had failed and you had the panel back.  Alan says that’s right.

He says what else is outstanding?  I say the floor needs finishing as the designer didn’t measure properly and I had to buy more floor, also the ceiling light needs replacing.  And the toilet needs screwing down or something as since the floor was put down, it moves and squeaks.

Alan says what’s this about your kitchen floor being torn?  I say yes, they ripped my kitchen floor.  He says have the fitters done anything about it?  I say no, they haven’t said anything.  I say Jackie said she was going to speak to your compensation team about replacing it.  Alan says I don’t know anything about that as I’ve been off, and now Jackie’s off.

He says he’ll see what he can do about the bath panel.  I say it has to be a before 9am delivery, as I can’t take any time off.  My boss won’t let me have any more time off as I’ve taken off too much already.  Alan says, hmm, how about a Saturday delivery?  I say yes, Saturday’s fine.  He says he’ll see what he can do.

The designer first came round at the end of July.  Five months later…

Alan rings back at 11:50 and says the panel is going back to the store and I can either pick it up from there or they can deliver it.  I say can they deliver it on Saturday?  He says they don’t deliver on Saturdays but the guy who works there who lives near me can drop it round on his way to work or from work.  I say that’s fine but I don’t think he starts work ’til 10 and I leave at 8:30.  Alan says well he’ll probably drop it off on his way home then.  I say what time, as I don’t get in ’til about 6:30, will he ring first?  He says he’ll make sure he definitely rings first and it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday.

Alan says, about your floor, the compensation team need to claim back the money from the fitters so I have to send the installation manager round to have a look.  I say that’s fine.  He says you can discuss anything else about the installation with him but obviously the floor’s the main concern.  He says he’ll ring me to arrange a time for him to come round.

I’m bored of my bathroom now.

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