My first piss-taker

I was true to my word to myself and went out for 3 miles.  Almost.  But I can let myself off the .16 miles under 3 that it was.

Not that I ever have an easy run, but that was hard from start to finish.  I am absolutely knackered now, think I’ve been struck down by the mysterious sleeping disease again which is weird, as I’ve been feeling energetic today and was spurred on to run tonight by my scales which told me I’m 8 stone something for the first time in weeks.  Yay.  Fuck off 9 stone.

Went past another big yellow sign appealing for witnesses to another serious sexual assault which happened in a car in the road next to my old road.  I’ll be too scared to leave the house soon.  That’s the fourth one recently.  I’ll continue to wear my big orange personal alarm.  And maybe get a gun too.  Then I’ll be fully armed with my big orange personal alarm, a gun and my “don’t fuck with me” look.

Aah, then I had my first piss-taker, bless.  A man decided it would be funny to do arm movements, like he was running.    I feel honoured now I’ve had my first piss-taker.  Don’t suppose it’ll be the last.

Miles: 2.84
Total time: 31:23
Average pace: 11:02 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.4mph
Max speed: 7.0mph
Total calories: 232
Weather: 57F
Graham Coxon – Spectacular
Graham Coxon – Are You Ready
Scissor Sisters – Lights
The Secret Machines – Alone, Jealous and Stoned
The Secret Machines – Faded Lines
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peek-A-Boo


  • Hey you take it easy out there plodding around in the streets 🙂 thx for posting again at my place 🙂 i didnt realise peeps had to create new accounts etc.

    I have no idea if i am talking to the right person now but yes i always make i own bread lol

  • Where do you get the stats from? Do you have one of the Garmin things that has GPS? I’m thinking about getting one.

  • I will take it easy, I only go at around 6:30ish when everyone’s coming home from work.

    Adam, yes, I’ve got a Garmin 301, I love it, I wouldn’t run without it. It doesn’t look pretty, but as my picture can testify, there’s no room for vanity in running 🙂

  • Hey you look cool running in your top with a number on it! A real runner, if you know what I mean, I wish I could run without falling over…

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