B&Q bathroom installation – day 38

Donald from the store rings at 12:10 and says the panel is at the store and he’ll bring it round tonight on his way home, some time after 6.  I say I’m not in this evening, can I pick it up tomorrow?  He says yes, he’ll be there from 8-11.  I say I won’t be there by then, I’ve got someone coming to look at my roof at 11.  He says that’s  ok, Maryam will be at the store all day ’til 6.  I say actually, could you bring it round on your way home tomorrow?  He says he’s  not going straight home, he’s going to South London.  I say ok, that’s fine, I’ll pick it up myself, no problem.

I ring Alan at the installation centre at 2:10 and say Donald from the store rang to say my panel’s there and I’m going to pick it up tomorrow.  Can you arrange for the fitters to come back some time next week please?  He says he tried to ring them earlier but couldn’t get through and he’s sent them an email and he’ll try and ring them again.

Alan rings back and says he’s spoken to the fitters and they’re going to look at their book and phone me to say when they can come back.

They’d better not start bleating about their completion note again.


  • I know this is a bit late but i have just read your profile. You smoked for 25 years? How was quitting for you? I smoked for 13 years and giving up the smokes was one of the toughest things i have done. I like all the details of ex smokers agony in giving up so if you can be arsed could you do it in a blog post? Just tell me to get lost if its to much hassle 🙂

  • It’s not too much hassle at all and it’s one of my favourite subjects and even tonight I was discussing it with someone. BUT what I don’t want to do is to put off anyone who’s thinking about stopping, as people said things to me that put me off in the past and even though they’re true, it’s still worth it to try and stop.

    If that makes any sense?

    Maybe on the year’s anniversary (3 January), I’ll write a post?

  • 38 days… Nearly 40! nightmare!

  • And I have to go to b and bloody q today to get the end panel that I’ve been waiting for for about two months.

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