B&Q bathroom installation – day 39

My carefully laid plans for Friday and Saturday were to go to the gym after work on Friday and get up early on Saturday, go for a run, see the roofer at 11, then go to B&Q to get the bath end panel.

What happened was that I got to work on Friday morning and Tracey’s sent me an email saying do you want to come for a drink tonight?  I said, ooh, tempting, very tempting, as I haven’t had a drink all week, but I was going to go the gym tonight.  She said you can go to the gym tomorrow.  I said my rucksack is very heavy.  She said there’s a cloakroom in the bar, sorry I’m being a bad influence, aren’t I?  I said that’s ok, bad influences are good, hmm, if I’m tempted to go for a drink now at 9:50am, then there’ll be no hope for me come 5 o’clock.  I said if you’re working in Farringdon, shall we go for a vegan Chinese first to soak up the alcohol?  She said good idea.

So we went and stuffed our faces with a vegan Chinese all you can eat for £5 buffet in Leather Lane and then went and drank organic lager, dutch lager, wine and champagne cocktails which wasn’t exactly conducive to me getting up early this morning to go for a run.  In fact I only got up half an hour before the roof man came round.  I was scared about the roof man coming round as the TV programmes would have you believe that all roofers do is charge you £2,000 to go and sit on your roof and eat chips and drink tea but this roof man said to be honest, it’s not too bad, it only needs a bit of pointing, it’ll cost £80.  £80!  Cool.  He said you haven’t got any lead flashing like the other houses but it doesn’t really matter.  I said how much would that cost.  He said £800.  So it’s up to you, £80 or £800, I know what I would do.  I said yes, I think I like the £80 solution best, when can you do it?  He said probably mid-week, it depends on the weather, I can’t do it when it’s raining as it will just wash away.

So hurrah, I’m going to get my roof fixed and it won’t rain inside the house now when it’s pissing down outside 🙂

After my good roofing news, me and my hangover take a little walk down to B&Q and go up to the bathroom department but Maryam’s busy designing a bathroom for someone (eek, don’t do it!!!) so I say to Kuldip I’m here to pick up a panel.  Mayam overhears and says yes, it’s in the warehouse.  Kuldip goes off to the warehouse and comes back and says what kind of panel?  I say it’s an Aloha one.  He goes back off and comes back with the panel and says is there any paperwork, do you have to pay?  I say no, I don’t have to pay for it.  He says hmm, I think you should pay with bribery.  I let him off for being unfunny as he has a nice voice and as I’m leaving the security man says did you come in here with that panel?  I say no, I just came to pick it up.  He says you came to pick it up?  I say yes, if you want to check you can ask Maryam.  He says it’s ok and decides not to arrest me for stealing an end panel.

So now I have the end panel, I have everything I need to finish my bathroom.  Except the fitters who, woo, what a surprise, didn’t ring me yesterday to say when they were coming back.

But I don’t care because my roof’s only going to cost £80 to fix and as I was walking to B&Q I saw a poster for a funfair in Hyde Park and I like funfairs, only problem is most of my friends are too scared to go on the good rides so it looks like I’m going to have to drag Bernard there, as he likes the scary rides too 🙂


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