B&Q bathroom installation – day 40

I ring Alan at the installation centre at 10:45 and say the fitters didn’t ring me on Friday to say when they’re coming back. Alan says aarrgghh. I say I’ve been to the store on Saturday and picked up the end panel, so I’ve got everything now that I need for it to be completed. Alan says it’s just that the fitters need to come back, he’ll give them a call.

Alans rings at 2:20 and says he hasn’t forgotten about me, he’s still chasing the fitters. He says they’re going to speak to their manager and see when they can come back, they should be calling back within half an hour, hopefully it’ll be done before Christmas.

Yeah, but which Christmas? I’m going to be eating my Christmas dinner off the two big boxes containing the sink that I don’t need at this rate.

My cat likes sitting on the boxes though, she’ll be miffed when they go.

Update #2
Alan from the installation centre leaves a message on my mobile at 4:30 to say that he’s spoken to the fitters and they should be able to get someone to me tomorrow before 9am and if there’s any problems, to give him a ring.

Could my bathroom be finished tomorrow?

This is what needs to be done:

Flooring to be finished.
Bath panels to be put on.
Ceiling light replaced.
Toilet to be fixed.
Bottom of sink to be put on.
Riser rail put up.
Cabinets put up.
Pipes removed from back garden and taken away.
New sink to be taken away.

And not to f**k anything up and not to leave my window open.


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