B&Q bathroom installation – day 41 (cont.)

Woo, I get home and think I’ve been burgled as I’ve got so much more floor space now. This is because it’s not being cluttered up with flooring, edging, bath panels, bathroom cabinets and a sink. This is because IT’S ALL BEEN INSTALLED IN MY BATHROOM! Yah!! Only the lights left to do, and the electrician’s coming tomorrow (fingers crossed).

I haven’t seen my living room floor since 5 October, and now I can get to the table so I won’t be eating my Xmas dinner off of the boxes containing the sink that I didn’t need.

Here’s my new finished floor

and the whole sink

and the cabinets

and the bath panels

and the riser rail. Hurrah, my old shower broke over three years ago, now I can have a shower again, yay.

B&Q are still off my Xmas list though but I am a happy bunny now 🙂

Can’t believe I lived with my bathroom like this for nearly five years but with all the hassle I’ve had getting my bathroom done, I don’t think I’m going to be getting it done again, ever.


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