Gym run

My new alarm clock woke me up this morning with its pretend sunrise but I ignored the pretend sunrise and went back to sleep and didn’t wake up ’til 11:15. Damn, day is gone! I wanted to get up early and run to the gym with my new rucksack and then do gym stuff, run back, then go to the supermarket and hopefully still have the whole afternoon to do productive stuff like surf the net all day. Bah.

But I had to try out my new rucksack so off I went to the gym. I love my new rucksack, it’s so easy to run in, I hardly knew it was there. Although, as much as I love my new rucksack, unfortunately it didn’t have any magical properties to make me run better. I think I seriously overdid the overindulgence and slothlike behaviour over Christmas because my fitness is practically down to zero. Oops. A lot of walking was involved today, especially on the way back from the gym when I made up a new schedule which involved walking to one road, running to the next, walking to the next and so on.

Inspired by Angela, who also has a new rucksack and has posted a pic of it on her blog, here’s a pic of mine:

It’s great. Not enough pockets, as you can’t have too many pockets, but it’s just big enough for the essentials, it’s comfy to run with and it’s black and red, which is always a good thing in my book. Or in my blog, anyway. And it was only £12, bargain! (Cat optional extra.)

I’m going to have to sort this fitness thing out as I’ve entered two races, an 8k in February and a 5 miler in March (which I think is probably about the same distance). Although I didn’t realise at the time, but they’re only a week apart, eek! What are two races in two different months doing being only a week apart? I also have next to me an advert for the British 10k London Run on 1 July. Hmm, tempting.

Now it’s 5 o’clock and the day has definitely gone and all I’ve done is run, gone to the gym and gone to the supermarket and Monday morning is looming. Waa. Still, we get another weekend next week, hurrah!

And now that I’m back from the supermarket, I’m going to pretend to be a domestic goddess and make cranberry cookies.

Miles: 4.10
Total time: 52:09
Average pace: 12:43 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.7mph
Max speed: 8.5mph
Total calories: 283
Weather: 50F
Au Pairs
Stereo Total
Soft Cell
Wasted Youth
Courtney Love
Half Man Half Biscuit
Bobby Conn


  • Well I wish mine came with the cat!

  • Keep it up Shiny. Go on go for the British 10k London run. U know U want to. 🙂

    I think I need to invest in a rucksack to run to the gym with, save me getting into the car coz my other one is too big to run with.

  • I think the cat was a limited offer 🙂

    Nic, definitely get a running backpack, The difference between one with a chest and waist strap and one without is amazing. I couldn’t run at all with my other one. Your gym’s 4 miles away though, isn’t it? That’s far!

    Edit: Eek, just looked at the London Run. It starts at 9.35am! That’s a bit early for a Sunday morning 🙂

  • the cranberry cookies sound delish! i’m a horrible cook…i think people have died eating my stuff 🙂 the rucksack looks great and the cat is definitely an great bonus!

  • I love that rucksack im a complete sucker for all the kit. I have a few hydration packs i bought last year. When my wife asked me why i needed 3 packs i just shrugged and said im a sucker. 🙂

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