B&Q bathroom installation – day 54

Jackie from the installation centre calls at 11:30 and says I’m ringing about the Parcelforce delivery which was supposed to happen yesterday.  I say no card was left.  She says no, no delivery happened because Parcelforce didn’t pick up from PJH, the suppliers.  She says they’re delivering today between 8 and 4:30 and I have a tracking number if you want it.  I say there’s no point, I’m not there.  She says well they’ll leave a card and you can ring them to rearrange delivery.  I say why can’t they deliver to the store?  She says she doesn’t know.

Jackie calls back at 11:50 and says that she’s spoken to the store and they’re happy to take delivery and bring it round to me on a Saturday but there’s nothing she can do at the moment because it’s in transit with Parcelforce but they’ll leave a card and I can just ignore it or keep it for future reference and she’ll ring Parcelforce tomorrow and call me tomorrow.

Why couldn’t they just have arranged for it to go to the store in the first place and why don’t they even bother to tell me that they’re going to try and deliver it to my house sooner than the actual day they’re going to deliver it?  Although Alan said on Monday that they were delivering on Tuesday so just as well I didn’t take the day off because they didn’t deliver on Tuesday. 


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