B&Q bathroom installation – THE END (ish)

Monday morning the electrician turns up at 8:20 and I show him the new light and he says, yes, that’s ok.  At 8:30 the plumber turns up.  I leave them to it and go to work.

I get home and the new light is on the ceiling and the toilet’s got the new seat on and it’s been resealed and doesn’t squeak anymore.  Hurrah!  But have they f****d anything up?  Of course they have.  The plumber’s managed to scratch the floor by the toilet.  Grr.  He’s even stolen two toilet rolls.  I’m going to assume they’re stolen as the alternative isn’t something I want to think about.  And I hadn’t even thought of that until I went to work and told a colleague there were two toilet rolls  missing and she said “eeeeeeeeeeeeeugh”.

But my bathroom is finished (except for a new blind that I still have’t bought) and that means that B and poxy bloody useless fucking Q won’t be stepping foot inside my house again, yah!!  Bye bye B&Q.

This morning (Tuesday) Alan from the installation centre rings and says how’s your bathroom?  I say it’s all finished although they have scratched the bathroom floor but it’s not very big and I can live with it as I don’t want them round again.  He says you need to send us a couple of quotes for a new kitchen floor, have you got any quotes yet?  I say no, not yet, does it have to be like for like?  He says what do you mean?  I say does it have to be the same sort of floor?  He says he supposes so, it should be about the same price, although the colour probably doesn’t matter.  He says do you have our address?  I say no.  He says hang on, he’ll get it.  I say don’t you know where you work?  He says yes but I don’t know the exact address.  He says he’ll pass on the notes so I can get compensation.  I say is that just for the kitchen floor?  He says he’ll send them notes of the whole thing.  I say because I want to make a complaint.  He says he thought I would.  He says am I happy with the bathroom?  I say it’s not a brilliant job but it’s ok.  I thank him for his help.  Aw, I’m going to miss my daily moan about the fitters to Alan.  I don’t suppose he’s going to miss me.

Next stage is writing my letter of complaint.  That’ll keep me out of mischief on Saturday.


  • Good job on the 4 miler the the other day:) By the way have you tried Phil’s(sorelimbs) blog lately? Every time I try I get sent to some site that is selling movies and or cell phones.

  • I don’t know where Phil’s blog has gone, Joggerblogger mentioned on his blog that it was being directed to a different site. This morning it was surveys. Hope it comes back soon.

  • Could you say goodbye to Alan, Louise, Clive, Pete and the rest of the guys for me 😉

  • And not forgetting Danny of course, who started the whole fiasco by saying in the first week that the taps don’t fit and then disappearing off the face of the earth 🙂

  • I wouldn’t worry about the toilet roll situation too much. I think if it was a “eeeuuuugh” situation you would know about it. Can you imagine him bothering to clean up after him?

  • great job on the four miles. i wish i could get my fat ass to do four miles 😛 sorry to hear to about the bathroom fiasco but thank god it’s over!

  • The end is in sight! Hope you get some joy out of their complaints system (assuming they have one).

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