National running day

It must be National Running Day because there were a lot of people out running.  Most of them going in the opposite direction to me.  I must be so unfashionable I don’t even know which way to run.  There was another man obviously v. unfashionable too as he came running past me and I turned round as I heard him approaching and I obviously looked like I thought he was going to mug me and so he gave me a big smile and a big cheery “morning” so then I decided that he wasn’t going to mug me after all.  But in fact, I hadn’t thought he was going to mug me anyway.  At least I’d looked the right way when he was behind me, unlike the cyclist who overtook me on my right, as I looked to my left to see who was coming up behind me.  Duh.

And good news, my camera has fixed itself, yah!!  I didn’t take it out today though as I did the same route as I did when it broke so here are the pics from then.

There weren’t many people out on the river today, the other week there were loads, here’s a couple of canoeists.

And some swans and ducks.

And a squirrel.

And another picture of the squirrel, because you can’t have too many pictures of squirrels.  Or penguins but I didn’t see any penguins.  Or cows but the cows are gone.  Grr.

And there’s a pub in the marshes, cool!  Although my Saturday run is too early to go to the pub.  Not that I remember what drinking’s  like.  How many days ’til February?

And here’s a wreath.  Probably someone got into a fight after drinking in the pub.  Maybe I won’t go to that pub after all.

And back out onto the street and continuing on the pub run theme.  This pub does a v. nice veggie lasagne.  Yum.

And here’s where I got v. drunk on New Years Eve where my camera first sort of broke but then unbroke itself and then as I was taking this pic, in a spooky coincidence kind of way, broke again.

Miles: 4.53
Total time: 49:31
Average pace: 10:55 minute/mile
Total calories: 391
Weather: 50F
Cameras fixing themselves: 1
Shopping days left in January: 5
Days without pizza and alcohol: 24
Bobby Conn – When The Money’s Gone
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Puppy Dog Snails
Teardrop Explodes – Reward
Depeche Mode – See You
Lily Allen – Smile
Peter Bjorn and John – Amsterdam


  • Good job on the run. Great picts too. We don’t have many bars at all here. I usually just drink at home by myself which I have been told is not really good.

  • Self fixing cameras are the future 🙂 as long as they don’t become self aware and try to take over the planet.

    Well done on the run… it’s long until you can have a pint 😀

  • Thanks 🙂

    Just checked with my mate to see if he’d cheated in the no alcohol thing but he hasn’t. Damn, was hoping he had so I could go to the offy and get a bottle of wine 🙁

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