Chips & churches

I took my self-fixing camera out with me this morning on the way to the gym and on the way back decided to take pics of the churches that I pass.  But the pics are a bit crap so I’m not going to bother posting them but after I took a pic of the Lighthouse church a woman who was outside it asked me if I liked their church.  And instead of saying it’s a good name for a chip shop, I said yes, it’s very nice.  I should have said but it’s not your church though, I’m half Methodist, so it’s half my church too.  Although I have absolutely no idea what being a Methodist involves but I think you’re not supposed to drink but as my dad didn’t take any notice of that bit what with him being an alcoholic and that, I reckon I can be let off too.  I’m not sure if being Methodist means you’re supposed to go to church though because my dad didn’t do that bit either.  I don’t think he took being a Methodist very seriously.

And while I was in the gym not being a Methodist, there was a couple holding hands.  Why would you hold hands in the gym?  Did she think he was going to go off with one of the gym bunnies there?  I didn’t see where they went which was a shame because I wanted to see if they were going to get on adjoining treadmills and still hold hands.

I finished my letter of complaint to B&Q yesterday, yah!  Everyone cross their fingers that I get a reasonable amount of compensation.

Miles: 4.09
Total time: 49:54
Average pace: 12:11 minute/mile
Total calories: 383
Weather: cold
Churches named after chip shops: 1
Couples in the gym holding hands : 1
Bobby Conn – When The Money’s Gone
Bobby Conn – King For A Day
Cardiacs – Gina Lollabridgida
Teardrop Explodes – Sunspots
Lily Allen – Alfie
Wasted Youth – Jealousy
Wasted Youth – I Wish I Was A Girl
Young Knives – She’s Attracted To
Neneh Cherry – 7 Seconds


  • Nothing says love like holding your partners sweaty palm at the gym, ohpps did I say love – I meant insecurities.

    Hope the Letter gets you some major cash-back.

    There’s a chip shop around here named “Daves Plaice” 😀 genius! I bet he laughs himself to sleep every night after he has locked his massive roll of tenners in the safe.

  • Cynics – the pair of you!
    I think its sweet.

  • They must have just met, they’d probably be on machines on opposite sides of the gym if they’d been together for ten years 🙂

  • There was some survey recently (don’t know why they didn’t leave it till mid-Feb) about the gym being the best place to meet a new boy/girlfriend. Beats lip reading over the noise at Yates’ I guess…

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