Best intentions

I had planned to go for a four mile run after work tonight in an attempt to exercise some damage limitation in anticipation of Thursday’s alcohol and pizza sesh but I went the wrong way and didn’t want to improvise and all I’d run was a small one mile loop that went back to my house but instead of going back inside and getting my dinner which is obviously what my feet wanted to do which is why they took me the wrong way I continued and did 3 miles. Ish. Near enough anyway. It wasn’t a very speedy run as there were too many people out and about and being inconsiderate enough to be on their way home from work and getting in my way. I am going to have to stop swearing at people under my breath as one day I’m going to get a slap.

But I am still fuming about the B&Q fitters and I rang the ISC today and spoke to Nicola and said I’ve got a completion notice from your fitters but I didn’t sign it, they forged my signature. She said she’d have to speak to the installation manager because she didn’t know how to deal with it and that’s quite serious. I said it’s criminal. She rang me back and said that the senior management team are going to have an internal investigation but they don’t want to influence me in any action I might want to take and she’ll update me within 5 working days.

I had hoped those fitters had fucked off out of my life a couple of weeks ago. Bastards.

Miles: 2.85
Total time: 32:35
Average pace: 11:25 minute/mile
Total calories: 250
Weather: not too cold
Fitters forging completion notices: 1
Mark Ronson – Ooh Wee
Depeche Mode – See You
Young Knives – Weekends And Bleak Days
Cardiacs – To Go Off And Things


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