I’ve got the lurgy

I haven’t ran this week due to being stricken down by a lurgy.  Undoubtedly not helped by getting rat-arsed last Thursday after a month of abstinence.  Oh, and then getting rat-arsed again on Saturday.  And I’m sorry if I spelt lurgy wrong.

B&Q compensation update
I got a letter from B&Q today offering me £406.17; £200 of which is compensation, the rest out of pocket expenses (excluding the kitchen floor as I haven’t given them quotes for that yet) which means that they’re offering me a paltry £200 in compensation for all the hassle they gave me.  And the cheeky bastards go on to say that it’s a gesture of goodwill but their goodwill will only extend to 14 days and if I don’t accept it by then they’ll take back their gesture of goodwill and if I do accept it then it is acknowledgment that it is in full and final settlement of any claim arising.  They must think I’m just going to overlook the fact that not only are they incompetent but that they are also criminals who forge signatures.  And I have the original completion notice that they left for me, here in front of me which, funnily enough, isn’t signed.

Still, that’s a first offer, it can only get better can’t it?


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