Nice weather for ducks (and geese and swans)

Because I am hardcore, I went out for a run in the rain this morning. Not as hardcore as Warrior Woman though who this morning has cycled 7 miles in the rain to then go and do a 5 mile race in the rain. And not only that but it’s a 9am start, eek! I have carefully chosen my next races (Marrow Fun Run 8k and London Heathside 5) to be ones that don’t start ’til 11am. Far more civilised. Am I hardcore enough to do them in the rain though? Hmm.

I thought there might be a bit of snow left over the marshes today so I took my camera but there was no snow. Only rain. Although I did see this snowthing when I got round the corner just as I was heading out. I call it a snowthing because, let’s face it, it’s not very good is it? But when I got home and uploaded my pics, I thought maybe it was a snowswan but then I saw the carrot on the pavement so maybe it had originally started as an attempt at a snowman? Or maybe a snowswan with a carrot like beak?

Not many people out today, obviously all lightweights put off by a bit of rain. I passed the woman I see out running now and again and we smiled at each other in a yes we’re quite stupid aren’t we, running in the rain kind of way. Although she was slightly less stupid than me as she did have a waterproof jacket on. I think I should get one but obviously it will have to wait until payday when I’m off my no spending this month thing which isn’t actually March like I said in my previous post, but after 24 Feb which is payday. I didn’t realise I spent quite so much on unnecessary crap but I seem to be about £400 better off so far. Oops, maybe I should leave my money at home more often. But I do need a new pair of running shoes because I’ve had mine about a year now and although they haven’t done anywhere near the recommended change after 500 miles thing, they have been worn at the gym for the last six months. And running shoes aren’t unnecessary crap. But then again, neither are books and clothes. People have to read and wear clothes, don’t they?

Next week’s training is going to be a bit buggered due to going out twice next week and spending unnecessary amounts of money on drinking unnecessary amounts of alcohol. Tuesday’s run should survive but then Wednesday and Friday me and Tracey are going out on the piss for a couple of drinks, so I can probably write off Thursday’s and Saturday’s runs. Oh dear.

Ooh, I seem to have forgotten the other pics, here they are. Here’s a soggy goose.

And I just about managed to get this pic of a flying swan.

B&Q compensation update:
B&Q have proved once again just how incredibly incompetent they are by sending me an identical letter to the one I received the other day offering me compensation. The only difference is the date and the name of the person sending it. I am really tempted to send them a letter saying “Dear [name of new person], thank you for your letter dated 7 February which is identical to the one [name of first person] sent me dated 5 February” but I’m not going to.


V. funny though.

Miles: 4.16
Total time: 47:21
Average pace: 11:22 minute/mile
Total calories: 414
Weather: pissing down
Soggy geese: 2
Flying swans: 2
Identical letters from B&Q: 2
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed
The Cure – The Forest
Cardiacs – The Safety Bowl
Basement Jaxx – Romeo


  • So we are both pretty hardcore then! I’ve just got back from my duathlon and I’m absolutely buzzing. Also filthy, sopping and cold….but buzzing nontheless. I’m just about to dive in the bath and dream of the cream buns and milky coffees I’m gonna treat myself to with the twenty quid note I found on the cycle home. Definately a necessary expenditure I think.

  • Well done! I am of the firm opinion that after any race, whatever you eat is necessary, especially if it involves stuff like cream buns although my post-race meal is usually pizza and alcohol 🙂

    I’m going to go and look for twenty quid notes outside now.

  • Hey glad someone found my £20…

    Well done on the hardcore run. I got up early and spent 2 hours sledging, snowman making and snowball fighting with the small person 🙂 We had a great time – but now the lousy rain has come up north and ruined all the fun :-/

    After being out from 7-9am I couldn’t face running in the rain, so I did a fast treadmill run of 5 miles.

    Loving the play list “The Cure – The Forest” is one of my all time favourites 😀

  • Can I have a link to your treadmill? I have to look at things I might have to buy next payday 🙂

    I liked the fact The Forest played just as I was leaving the marshes this morning 🙂

    I just wish iTunes would show me the most recently played from my Shuffle, instead of making me try and remember 🙁

  • Just done a google search on “B&Q bathrooms” – tis pleasing to note you come out on the first page of results. Should hopefully dissuade a few customers setting themselves up for disappointment.

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