Sunday slog

Yikes, a particularly feeble attempt at exercise today.  I did manage to run to the gym but with some difficulty and I think I’ve worked out why I hate running to the gym and why it’s so difficult.  My theory is that although it’s only 20 minutes, the first 20 minutes of a run is the hardest, so my run to the gym is all hard and all hard is no fun.

My legs were aching today though and I did a feeble attempt on the cross trainer, stopping 3 times during the 30 minutes I was on it, then an achy 30 minutes on the rower, then a v. slow 30 minutes on the bike.

Then I seriously wimped out and got the bus home instead of running or walking, immediately remembering why I don’t get on buses when a very large man sat next to me  and an annoyingly noisy child came and sat in front.  I got off the bus early.  I hate buses.

I would just like to point out that the feebleness of today is in no way related to the fact I stayed up ’til after 1am drinking wine.

Miles: 2:04
Total time: 23:14
Average pace: 11:24 minute/mile
Total calories: 180
Weather: cold
V. large men on buses: 1
Annoyingly noisy children on buses: 1
Peter Bjorn and John – Let’s Call It Off
Stereo Total – Comme Un Garcon
Young Knives – Tailors
Bobby Conn – Home Sweet Home
The Cure – Close To Me
Scissor Sisters – I Can’t Decide
Blur vs Gwen Stefani – 2  Songs Crashed
Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Needs You
Dirty Pretty Things – Bang Bang You’re Dead
PJ Harvey – Down By The Water


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