Today’s free gift

I got up early yesterday and went to the Post Office on my way to work but my parcel from Start Fitness wasn’t there. Bah. I said to the man behind the counter but it’s been two days, he said I’ve been waiting for stuff to come back from last week, you can try later, we’re open ’til 7 today. I didn’t want to go back after work as I wanted to go to the gym and thought that my parcel from Start Fitness probably wouldn’t be back that evening anyway and so I ran up there this morning, hoping and praying on the way that I wasn’t going to have a wasted journey as I could have had a nice run round the marshes and up the river instead of a run up the road dodging chavs, buses and people spitting.

I got to the Post Office and joined the queue and everyone before me was getting their parcels so I thought my parcel must be in there too, everyone else is getting their parcels and I gave the man my card that said sorry I was out and he went off to look for my parcel and he was taking his time and kept wandering around looking at various shelves and I was thinking oh no, my parcel’s not here yet, bummer, but then he came back with a big grey parcel so hurrah, now I have my new stuff.

Here’s my new rucksack. It was supposed to be my new everyday rucksack, as the zips have broken on the last two I’ve had in the last six months but it’s not big enough for my gym stuff and breakfast and lunch containers and other various crap essentials I carry around with me but it’s also going to be my running commute rucksack when I make the plunge and attempt a run home so it should be big enough for that as I will be travelling light that day.

And here are my new gloves for the gym so I don’t keep getting blisters from the rowing machine.

And here’s my free gift. There is no way I’m wearing a baseball cap. Joggerblogger? You still want my free gift? It’s yours.

And while I’ve been happily spending away this month, I have forgotten that I’m going to Germany in two weeks and need to pay for that. Oops.

Miles: 2.25
Total time: 23:24
Average pace: 10:23 minute/mile
Total calories: 198
New rucksacks: 1
New gloves: 1
Free gifts from Start Fitness: 1
Money I will have left to spend in Germany: About a fiver
Auf der Maur – Real A Lie
Muse – Sober
Pixies – Gouge Away
P J Harvey – Maniac
Power Station – Harvest For The World
Prodigy – Jericho
Prodigy – Out Of Space


  • Another rucksac?
    You’re enjoying the spending month it seems.

  • The new rucksac looks cool 😛 Thanks for the offer and I do need something to keep my hair out of my face but I think I’m to old for a fitted cap.

    Off to Germany – Nice one 😀

  • Ok then, the baseball cap is going on ebay. 99p BNWT 🙂

  • Great to hear your still running. Even more than when i last read your blog by the looks of it :).

    My old blog got hacked and about a week after that my isp went bankcrupt. It was a small indipendent setup so i decided to bin the Internet for awhile. There was a few other things which i will bore you with later but in the meantime ive got lots of reading of blogs to catch up with. Great to hear from you and JoggerBlogger so soon 🙂

    Im afraid i had to change the url so the sorelimbs link you have hear is still old sry about that.

  • I’m so glad you’re back, thought you’d fallen over a sheep on a hill or something 🙂

    I’ll get the link changed.

    Do you want a baseball cap?

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