My new kitchen floor

When I went to the carpet shop on Monday and chose my new kitchen floor to replace the one that B&Q ripped, the man said that someone would be round today (Wednesday) pm to fit it. I took that to mean from 12 noon onwards and so I sacrificed a small shopping trip to get a new bin and new cat litter tray and bowl to put on my new kitchen floor in case I wasn’t back in time for 12 noon and only went to the cashpoint to get the floor man’s ninety English pounds and then waited in from 12 noon onwards.

I waited until 4:15pm and then phoned the shop and said someone’s supposed to be coming to fit my kitchen floor but no one’s here yet, are they still coming? The man on the phone said yes, they should be, let me see, what’s your name? I told him my name and he said yes, you are booked for pm, so they should be with you before the day’s out. I said ok then, I’ll be patient.

It got to 5:20 and I thought no workmen types work this late, no one’s coming to fit my new floor and I’ve moved the bin, litter tray and cat bowl out of the kitchen for no reason and my cat’s confused for no reason and I ring the shop again and no one answers and I think bastards, they’re as bad as B&Q and I’ve wasted a whole afternoon since 12 noon just sitting here waiting and now the day has gone and I go upstairs to play on the internet and then my mobile rings and because I think it might be the carpet shop I answer it, because I don’t usually answer my phone, and it is the floor man and he says he’s on his way and will be about 20 minutes.

He turns up at about 5:45 and I say I’d given up on you. He says sorry, I’ve had a bad day and you’ve ended up being the last.

He finishes the floor about 7pm and I go and have a look and it looks very nice and I say it looks great, thank you, it’s much better than the one before, they did a crap job. He says was it from the same people? I resist saying, duh, no, why would I pay the same people to come back and do another crap job? He asks me had the floor been down for long? I say no, but B&Q ripped it so they have to pay for a new one. He says well then you got a result, a new bit of lino and B&Q to pay for it.

I like my new floor although I’m still pissed off with B&Q for ripping the floor in my new kitchen. Although it’s not actually new, it’s about three years old but here’s what my kitchen used to look like. I lived with this for over two years. Eek.

And now my kitchen looks like this.

Which is why I didn’t appreciate B&Q coming round and ripping the floor. Grr. Will I ever be untraumatised by B&Q? I still love my new kitchen even though it’s three years old. I couldn’t give a toss about my new bathroom.



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