Going round in circles

I woke up this morning and thought I won’t go running today, I’ll get on with cleaning the house straight away.  So I got into my running gear, grabbed my Garmin, iPod, personal alarm and camera and went over the park and then thought I shouldn’t have bothered bringing my camera, there’s nothing to take pictures of over the park.  I did a lap of the park then went up to the sports field where there’s even less things to take photos of and took a picture of a daisy because it was there.

Then I went back to the park and saw a blackbird.   Each time I tried to take its picture the little git kept flying away and hiding in trees, so it became a matter of principle that I got its picture.

Also in the park were two old men sitting on a bench.  Not talking but just sitting.  On the third lap of the park, one of them looked up and on the fourth and final lap, the other one looked up too.  Maybe they were sad at the news that John Inman died this morning.  I find that quite sad too.

Now I have to go and clean the house.  But in true procrastinator stylee, I have to have my breakfast first.  Although it’s practically lunchtime, so maybe I should have lunch.  Oh, decisions decisions.  It’s a hard life being a lady of leisure.

Today’s route

Miles: 3.15
Total time: 34:40
Average pace: 11:01 minute/mile
Total calories: 287
Daisies: lots
Blackbirds hiding in trees: 1
Old men sitting on benches not talking: 2
Dead actors: 1
Things done from to do list (out of 13): 8
The Bravery – An Honest Mistake
The Fiery Furnaces – South Is Only A Home
Adam and the Ants – Dog Eat Dog
Disco Ensemble – Drop Dead, Casanova
The Fiery Furnaces – In My Thatched Little Hut
The Fiery Furnaces – Sweet Spots
Kaiser Chiefs – The Angry Mob


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