One pathetic and weedy .45 of a mile

After my boss continuously winding me up today by buzzing me every five minutes to ask stupid questions or to swear at me I thought I’d go for a run tonight and clear my head, especially as my legs have miraculously recovered after my adventures in the forest on Sunday, which left me hobbling about on Monday and Tuesday.

I got home and wondered if it’d be safe over the park as although it is evening, it’s still daylight and I decided that it would be reasonably safe and so I got changed and went to the park and decided that it would definitely be safe as it was packed with people. People playing football, people playing cricket, people walking their dogs, people sitting on the ground, people sitting on the benches and two men doing something with a bungee and a stick.

I did a lap of the park then decided I’d had enough as sharing an enclosed space (it is the smallest park in the world remember) with that many people was seriously bugging me, as was having to keep an eye out for errant footballs or cricket balls, so I went home to carry on practising being a hermit.

Miles: 0.45
Total time: 04:25
Average pace: 9.49 minute/mile
Total calories: 45
Busy parks: 1
Gary Numan – My Shadow In Vain
Heaven 17 – (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang


  • I know exactly how you feel . When i was living down south a small park was just around the corner from me. I always went running in the mornings just to get away from any hassles such as groups of chavs etc after having many run ins with the fools. People are much better in the mornings or just cant be arsed.

  • Bosses are ace…Not! at least you got some running action in – only 2 more days until the weekend 😀

  • Hey! At least you got out there. 0.45 is better than 0.00.

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