Jogging on the spot

Due to me being a lazy moo and being out on the piss too much a social butterfly the gym has been well overdue a visit as I haven’t been for over a week which isn’t giving me much value for my thirty nine English pounds a month so I packed my gym kit last night in preparation of going to the gym tonight after work and all day I was battling with myself whether to go or not and I kept thinking but I’ve brought my kit in, I’ve got the whole week clear to do gym stuff and lots of running and no prior piss ups social engagements, I must go to the gym.

So I walked up to the gym and a man was smoking in front of me and I thought mmmm, that smells nice and so I thought no no no, banish those thoughts immediately and get thyself to the gym young lady and then I saw Pret a Manger and I thought it’s a shame they stopped doing the More Than Mozzarella sandwich although they do still do it but they put meat in it which isn’t very good when you’re a veggie and then I got to the gym and as I walked through the doors it felt strangely comforting and I thought that’s not normal, walking into your house should feel comforting, not the gym and so I went into the changing rooms and there’s a poster there saying the gym’s doing a running club and I think yay, but then I see that it’s at 7:15am. That’s 7:15 IN THE MORNING. Gulp. I think hmm, maybe not then.

And I come out of the changing room and there’s loads of treadmills free and I think ooh, there’s loads of treadmills free, all the New Year people must have buggered off or maybe people are running outside because it’s lighter now, so I get on a treadmill and watch Neighbours and wonder when Paul Robinson came back and why has Susan Kennedy cut her hair off and why has Carl Kennedy grown a beard that looks really crap and I thought they’d split up anyway due to him shagging a young pretty girl, not that his wife isn’t pretty although she did look better with long hair but that was about 20 years ago and then I’m wondering if I’m going really slowly on the treadmill because I don’t understand kilometres and I take a peek at the screen on the treadmill next to me and the girl on that treadmill’s doing 10.5 kph and I’m only doing 8 so I jack it up to 8.5 and woo hoo now I’m really motoring along on this treadmill and I’m even keeping my balance and I somehow manage to stay on it for 30 minutes without falling off although it’s probably hard to fall off when you’re going really slowly as I’ve only managed to go 4k in those 30 minutes and then I do the 5 minute cool down bit which involves a lot of walking and as I get off a woman is waiting to get on and she probably only saw the walking bit and probably thinks I was wasting the treadmill and gives me a funny look. Ho hum.

Kilometres: 4
Total time: 30:00
Average pace: 8.5 kph
Total calories: 282
The Killers – Indie Rock and Roll
The Young Knives – Weekends And Bleak Days
Voodoo Queens – Supermodel Superficial
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
Bobby Conn – King For A Day
Stereo Total – I Love You, Ono
Five O’Clock Heroes – Want Your Number


  • Good effort on getting yourself down to the gym 🙂 Mondays are always my rest day as just getting up his hard enough for me.

  • I’m trying to get myself down the gym as well so a big well done for getting there.

  • Pump up the Jam – best DJ request gag ever 😀

    Well done on the GYM – I honestly didn’t know that neighbours was still on, I last watched that 17 years ago when I lived at home the rents.

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