Next race

I’m doing the Hornsey YMCA 10k on 20 May. I am. I just need to write out a cheque and fill in the entry form and put both in an envelope and write the address on the envelope and put a stamp on it and remember to post it.

Online entries would be much easier. I’m not very good with a pen anymore.

I wonder what the t-shirt will be like.

Oh and I entered the Crisis Square Mile Run again. I sent Dave, Gary and Kate an entry form but they either didn’t get my email or they’re ignoring it. I think they’re ignoring it.

Last night I went to see Bobby Conn at Bush Hall. Here he is in all his Bobby geniusness.

And while I was there, I bumped into someone who’s going to be reading this to see if I mention him. But I’m not going to. Ha.

And Bobby plays again next week in Elephant & Castle. Yay! I’m so excited I’ve even used an exclamation mark.


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