30 minutes marshes

I have found the best way to get back to sleep after waking up at 4am and not being able to drop off again is to wonder what it’s like to run at 5:30 in the morning. Straight back to sleep ’til 9 and wanting to keep up the momentum of my new found enthusiasm and motivation decided to leave my camera at home (eek) and see if I can get round the three mile route of the marshes in 30 minutes.

I run down the path and a rat scurries along and I wish I had my camera so I could take its picture and then I get to the footbridge and almost run head first into a spider and its web and I want to take its picture too and I get to the other side of the bridge and there’s an old man on a bicycle looking at the horses and we say “morning” to each other and I think if I get murdered he might remember me and say to the police, “oh yes, I saw a lone female jogger with really big headphones on” and there’s not many people over the marshes today, just a few cyclists and a few million midges and one gets stuck in the back of my throat and I keep coughing and the people I go past are probably thinking “she’s really unfit, listen to that smoker’s cough” and I’m thinking “I don’t smoke anymore, I’ve got a midge stuck in my throat” and I look at my Garmin and I’m half way round the marshes in 15 minutes so I’m on course for my 30 minutes and I get to the last stretch and I have to stop for a car and the car driver waves to say thank you in that car driver kind of way and I continue down the last stretch and get to the most badly painted house in the world and my Garmin says I’ve been running for 25 minutes and I’ve got half a mile to go so I speed up in a not very speedy way and I get back to my house in just under 30 minutes and just under 3 miles. Yay. I think.

Today’s route

Miles: 2.94
Total time: 29:54
Average pace: 10:10
Total calories: 279
Old men looking at horses: 1
Midges stuck in my throat: 1
Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo
The Young Knives – John
Cardiacs – Dive
Franz Ferdinand – 40′
Bee Gees – Staying Alive
Tori Amos – Professional Widow
Ash – Petrol
X Ray Spex – The Day The World Turned Day-Glo


  • Hey i like the map pic. London and all the other city’s have a better coverage on Google Earth unlike our place in the sticks 🙂 I love getting up at silly o’clock in the morning. It doesn’t happen often but its great to get out there before everyone else.

  • Tori Amos and a fancy map – nice.

  • The map is cool, thanks for the heads up about exporting to Google Earth from SportTracks (I’d just been using the map that comes up on that).

  • Nice run 🙂 I would have loved a pic of the rat.

  • I think the rat was too quick even if I had had my camera with me. Next time I find a dead mouse on my floor I’ll take a pic for you 🙂

  • I find that if I wake up early and contemplate running, I can’t back to sleep. Must be some kind of Catholic guilt thing going on.

    Nice fancy pic of your route btw 😉

  • Excellent (as Bill and Ted would say)

    Relly good run apart from the midge. Think the earliest i’ve been out is around 7am

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