All the fun of the fair

Jumping up and down at the Bobby Conn gig on Wednesday left my calves killing me so in a kill or cure kind of way, thought I’d go out for a short run as I’ve got a 10k in two weeks and it’s not going to run itself.

And in the smallest park in the world is the smallest fair in the world.

I just did a quick lap of the park and a quick lap of the sports field and someone had turned the weather off as it was freezing, can we have the warm weather back please?ย  And as it’s cold that means I’m not venturing out into my garden so most of my plants are stillย  at the seed-tray-in-the-kitchen stage and my garden is getting full of weeds again although it’s not as bad as last year.ย  Yet.

Miles: 1.55
Total time: 16:36
Average pace: 10:44
Total calories: 162
Smallest fairs in the world: 1
Harvey Danger – Cool James
Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow
Baby Teeth – The Simp
Maximo Park – Hammer Horror


  • What rides did you go on?

  • None, it wasn’t open when I was over there. But anyway, there’s no decent rides ๐Ÿ™

  • It was cold, nope it was freezing today, gone back to my 3 quarter length running bottoms, so who forgot to put some money in the metre

  • Oh i forgot i’ve not ventured out into the garden either, well i did just to hang some washing out.

  • wimps ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just got in from a water fight – and I didn’t have the hose ๐Ÿ™ just a cup…

  • It’s freezing today! I’m going to have to put the lining back in my parka ๐Ÿ™‚

  • while you’re wanting so warm air, I am wanting some cool air down here! it’s like a sauna–in the high 80’s plus the humidity! ick! so send me a cool breeze please!
    I literally laughed out loud in public when I saw the pic of the fair…that’s so pitiful! Now these people around me think I am crazy!

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