Half marathon training week 1

In an attempt to kick start my half marathon training and because I haven’t been for a couple of weeks, I went to the gym last night and because my official schedule says to do two miles today I went to the gym at lunchtime and went on the treadmill because my unofficial schedule says to go to the pub tonight for Dave’s birthday instead of going out for a run.

See how dedicated I am giving up my lunchtime playing on the internet time?  I might have to give up some more lunchtime playing on the internet time due to having a new website to do.  Anyone know how to make disposable cooler boxes look interesting?

I might do a running commute on Thursday.  Note the word “might”.

Kilometres: 3.5
Time: 25 minutes
Speed: 8kph
Calories: 250


  • Hi there,So what are you doing to train for a 1/2? I am curious cause I am wanting to do the Disney 1/2 in 09.Any suggestions?

  • I’m using the Hal Higdon novice half marathon schedule. There’s a link on the right hand side under the “running” category. I really wouldn’t follow my lead if I were you, my training usually consists of drinking and eating too much and not much running 🙂

  • Disposable cooler boxes? Do they biodegrade?

    BTW I read today that mars bars are turning veggie again so you don’t need to turn into a peanut butter kitkat.

  • They’re recyclable and “earth friendly”.

    I think I’m going to boycott Mars’ products anyway for even thinking about making cow flavour chocolate.

  • Really? What were they putting in a chocolate bar?

    Seems like you’re on a great start for the 09/16 race. Wish I could join you, it sounds like fun. But I will cheer for you and raise a toast while I sit on my sofa. ; -)

  • Thanks not a drinker on my end. I use to though.Mars going Veggie??

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