Computer says no

It rained at the weekend. It rained and rained and rained. And then it rained some more. So I didn’t go out for a run. In fact, I barely left the house and spent three days in front of my computer. I did tick off everything on this weekend’s to do list though. Woo, go me.

Still, ticking off everything on my to do list doesn’t counteract the fact that the other day my scales told me I was 9 st 7. Ouch. And it’s not muscle, it’s lard. Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky flavour lard.

So although tonight was originally supposed to be a going for vegan Chinese and then to the pub night and not a going out for a run night, I dragged my weary self out of the door for a quick spin round the park and the sports field. After I’d been round the sports field, there was a girl jogging in the park who, because she was wearing a pink tracksuit and trainers that weren’t proper running shoes, I decided she was practising for a Race for Life and thought to myself shall I be mean and and overtake her and so I thought yes I will be mean and overtake her but I’ll wait until I’m nearer my house in case I get out of breath and have to stop and so I overtake her and leave the park and go home hoping that she’s not at the RfL that I’m doing on Sunday and remembers me and trips me up and I go upstairs to upload the stats from my Garmin and my computer doesn’t recognise it and I have to reinstall it and iTunes doesn’t want to load up and Google Earth takes 15 minutes to load and and Photoshop won’t start and I think ooooh noooo it was bad karma overtaking the girl in the pink tracksuit and now my computer’s broken. Bah.

Miles: 1.50
Total time: 14:58
Average pace: 9:59
Total calories: 150
RfL-ers overtaken: 1
PCs not working: 1
Peter, Bjorn & John
The Libertines


  • At least the lard is quite tasty. Love peanut butter n’ chocolate. 🙂

    I take it the weather dried up a bit for your run. Don’t think I’d run in the rain either.

  • Running in the rain is the best 😀 but is only just beaten by overtaking people who can’t run as well as you…

    Hope the computer is feeling better.

  • I know how you feel about the rain.I have been getting a lot and they keep saying that we are in a drought.My other computer crashed.this is my boyfriend’s.I have to order a recovery disk for mine.I understand the computer trouble.Kama is a bitch.

  • Well done on the run Cathy!

    LOL at the race for life type! Revenge of the pink tracksuited runners – watch out. There’ll be loads of them Sunday and they’ll be after your blood! 😉

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