Juneathon Day #1

It’s day 1 of Joggerblogger’s Run Every Day In June Unless You Have A Race The Next Day But You Have To Do Some Form Of Exercise idea (or Juneathon for short) so I went to the gym to have a bit of a bounce on the treadmill.  It occurred to me that if I want to do a 5k in 30 minutes, I will have to run at 10kph, and so I thought to myself, just 30 minutes on the treadmill at 10kph, how hard can it be?  After 10 minutes I was thinking yay this is easy, all I have to do now is email the race organisers for Sunday and ask them to change the race from the road to the treadmill and I’m sorted, but 16 minutes later I was reading the display where it says if you feel pain, faint, dizziness or nausea stop exercising and I thought yes e) all of the above and put the speed down to 9.3kph and at 17.5 minutes I had to put it even slower at 9kph and at 20 minutes I got off and stumbled my way over to the rowing machine.

I was happily rowing along not going anywhere when a, um, rather large lady sat down on the rowing machine next to me and I’m thinking why is she only wearing a sports bra, she’s forgotten her t-shirt and she must be a mind-reader because I swear I didn’t say it out loud but she went off and came back with a t-shirt but before she put her t-shirt on, she stuffed her iPod down her cleavage.  ACK!!!  There are no words to describe how much I wished I hadn’t seen that and all I could think about was how sweaty that poor iPod’s going to be and I got off the rowing machine after 20 minutes and got on a bike but after 5 minutes I’d had enough and went home with my new purchases that I had bought at lunchtime.

I need a vote now from you lot to tell me which t-shirt to wear on Sunday.  I quite fancy this Nike one

because it will cover more lard and also has a nice orange back.  I like orange.

But I also bought this nice red Helly Hansen number too.

Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow’s exercise will be walking back the 2.5 miles from the hospital.   I’m even going to take my Garmin to prove it, seeing as joggerblogger’s not letting me get away with any day before a race excuses 🙂

Miles: 1.99
Total time: 20:00
Average pace: 10:03
Total calories: 196
Women mistreating iPods by shoving them down their cleavage: 1
Juneathon days completed: 1/30
Other exercise:
Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Bike: 5 minutes
Jamiroquai – You Are My Love
The Secret Machines – You Are Chains
The Damned – White Rabbit


  • I like T-shirt number 2 the orange one. We have BB on… 3 days and we broke. Why you going to hospital? hope all is ok. 🙂

  • Cool, t-shirt no. 2 is the back of t-shirt no.1, which is my favourite too.

    I’m going to hospital to see my friend Lorraine who has cancer 🙁

  • Pants for you and your friend, it sucks to be in hospital – Give her a big hug from me, hope she is keeping as best as she can – cancer is SH@T!

    The first t is the best 🙂 p.hill might not agree on the orange angle though…

  • You’re only running so you can buy some more clothes, aren’t you?? 😉

    All the best to your friend – it sucks being in hozzy 🙁

    Oh yeah – and well done on the tready sesh – keep at it and it’ll be easier 🙂

  • But it’s Summer and those tents you get at races are too big and hot so I need some proper technical wicking whatever you call it t-shirts for the good of my health to stop me getting overheated 🙂

  • Yes, wear the orange one. And, uh, since your not wearing the red one…I loved to wear that one. 😉

    Great job fellow junnie on the run today. Yes, where is Preston in all of this. Does he blog too?

  • Here’s another vote for the Nike orange. Looks like you may have to take the red one back.

  • both nice – but racing orange tomorrow i reckon. good luck with it! that poor pod…eek.

  • Enjoying your daily travels. June only has 30 days!

  • Love those sunglasses I have had them for a couple of weeks now 🙂

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