Race day

Once again, I’m asking myself why am I up at 7am on a Sunday morning?   Especially as I woke up to a text from Bernard in the early hours telling me he was pissed on mead in a four storey club in Berlin which sounds like the sort of thing I should be doing instead of not being pissed and not being in a four storey club in Berlin or even semi pissed in a one storey club in London but having an early night in order to get up earlier than I get up when I have to go to work, to go and run round the City of London with 5,000 other women.  So why do I do it?  Oh yeah, because I enjoy it, yah!  And I bet my head feels better than Bernards today too.  In fact, I haven’t had a drink all week and am looking forward to my post-run drink, yay.

Right then, off to check my list to make sure I haven’t forgotten any racing essentials like my camera and make-up.   Will update later and see what you other Juneathoners have been up to.


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