Juneathon Day #14

One of the things I like most about Juneathon is the fact I don’t have to think of titles for my posts and as I have plans for -athons lined up for July and August, it means I don’t have to think of titles for posts for ages. Hurrah.

In case anyone read on my blog yesterday that I was going to do a running commute today, I lied. Yikes, I lied on my blog, I’m never going to get into heaven now. Ho hum. I had planned to do a running commute and took into work my running gear but then I decided that a) I was absolutely f**king knackered; b) it was raining; and c) I wouldn’t have enough time to get home and have a shower and un-ming myself before Gary came round to drink beer and eat pizza get thrashed at Scrabble.

But I didn’t completely wimp out as I went to the gym after work instead and when I got to the gym there was a big sign saying that from Thursday 14 June 2007 (i.e. today) all members MUST have a valid membership card with them and I thought bugger, typical that the only time I’ve ever come without a card, they change their system and they must really mean it if they’re writing their signs with capital letters, so I went up to the girl on reception and say I haven’t got my card, can I still come in and she says yes, the new system doesn’t really come in for another week and she asks me my surname and I say white like the colour and spell it for her and then think that maybe she thinks that maybe I think that she can’t spell the word white and I ponder very briefly if I should explain that everyone gets confused by my name and asks me to spell it and I think no I should just shut up and she gives me a temporary card and I say thank you, it’s typical that the only time I’ve come without my card you’ve changed your system and she says really? and I decide not to tell her that the only reason I haven’t got my card is because I was going to run home and not come to the gym but then I decided not to run home but had to do something because of Juneathon because unless she is an avid reader of runners’ blogs and not even all runners’ blogs but just a small collection of runners, she won’t have a clue what Juneathon is. And she probably wouldn’t care anyway.

And I think to myself I will do 15 minutes on the treadmill and there’s a man on the rowing machine in front of me just sitting there with his legs open like a teenager on the tube and I think why is he just sitting there and then he starts doing sit ups on the rowing machine and I’m thinking why the fuck is he doing sit ups on the rowing machine, aren’t there mats and things to do that on? and he keeps doing sit ups and it’s really annoying me and then I’m thinking that must be really uncomfortable and I’m thinking how much longer can I stay on this treadmill with him directly in my view irritating me and he eventually stops doing sit ups and I think I will do 5k on the treadmill as that’s half a running commute but the timer is ticking away so slowly and I’m thinking I’m sure the time ticks quicker when it’s on miles on my Garmin and I’m thinking would the numbers tick away faster in miles but I can’t think because numbers do my head in but my brain is trying to work it out despite my best efforts to tell my brain that I don’t do numbers and then I think if I put the speed up it’ll go faster anyway and then I can go home so I put it up to 9kph and then a bit later I put it up to 9.6kph which bugs me as I didn’t want to go over 9.5kph and I can’t be arsed to turn it down and then when it gets to 4.5k I put it up to 10 and yay at last I get to 5k and I do the 5 minute cool down thing and go and get changed and go home.

Time: 34:32
Distance: 5k
Speed: 8.5/9.0/9.6/10kph


  • Welll done you for getting down the gym, especially in the presence of someone doing sit up on the rowing machien and keeping going for ages and ages with no due consideration to anyone else and not using any punctuation either and then talking about the treadmill speed and everything all in the same sentence

    *draws a huge deep breath*

    and I think your interval speeds ought to go up – seriously – if you can do 9.6 and then 10s, you won’t be getting the maximum benefit from 2 at 9 and 2 at 10. Try 9.5 and 11, and be prepared to drop to 9 and 10.5 if you’re really out of breath 🙂

    you’re doing great though 🙂

  • Great job going to the gym today. Good luck w/the running the rest of the month. :-]

  • Never mind well done.
    You mean to say you blogged and didn’t follow through?!
    Is that allowed?

  • Yeah but I only did .5 of a k at 10, are you trying to kill me?

    Of course I won at Scrabble, need you even ask? 🙂

    I did half a running commute, ok it was on a treadmill so I didn’t actually get half way home by the end of it, but I’m pretty sure it’s allowed.

  • maybe you could stick the treadmill on the back of a lorry or something – that way you could run half the distance but get the whole of the way home 😉

  • Lies! Lies!. Speaking of idiots at the gym i saw a bloke in his mid 20’s or something on a running machine put that plastic thing on his thumb thinking it was a pulse monitor when it was the clip to stop the machine if you fall or something 🙂

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