Juneathon Day #16

Halfway through the Juneathon and I’m going to miss it when it’s over, I think that’s probably weird.  We’ll have another one next year though, eh, and Joggerblogger should approach the government with his Juneathon idea and get the nation’s fat backsides off their sofas for a month of exercise.  He can start a campaign and be the Jamie Oliver of the running world.

I do my usual warm up of playing on the internet for an hour and decide to go over the park and maybe the sports field for a quick mile and I go round the park and I’m thinking about how last night Kate said that her work’s Summer party is the day before the RfL in July and I say that if she wants to go to the party and not do the race that’s fine by me and she says no, she wants to do the race and I say ooh, you’re going to be as bad as me, I keep saying things like no I can’t go out on Saturday as I have a race the next day and then a little while later Tracey turns up and says are you coming to the Live Earth thing and I say I can’t, I have a race the next day and anyway it’s in Wembley and that’s miles away and there’s so many bands they’ll probably only come on stage and mime one song and then bugger off.

I go round the park and as I’m coming up the bank into the sports field I’m looking forward to having the place to myself, lost in my little iPod world, but then I see two men running round and I think bollocks bollocks bollocks, and over the other side of the field I see lots of people and I think bollocks bollocks bollocks but I carry on anyway but then I think na, there’s far too many people over there for my liking and they might be playing football and football and running don’t mix, so I turn round and go back the way I came and back into the park and go home.

Today’s route

Miles: 1.16
Total time: 10:40
Average pace: 9:11
Total calories: 105
Good Charlotte – Beautiful Place
Jamiroquai – When You Gonna Learn
Peter Bjorn & John – Paris 2004


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