Juneathon Day #27

Because I woke up with my right knee and my left ankle hurting, and nothing whatsoever to do with the alcohol consumed last night, I decided to rebel and not do Juneathon today.

While I’m at work our computers decide to break at lunchtime and I’m stuck with no internet to play with and because I had rebelled out of Juneathon, I had no gym kit with me and my boss says he hasn’t got the authority to send anyone home but I can go home at 4 but try to do it without anyone noticing as they’ll start whinging so I go home early and get on the train and a woman the size of two seats sits down opposite me and I think she needs Juneathon and then a little plan starts to form in my mind and I think I’m going to get cards printed to hand out to obese people to let them know about Juneathon and the benefits of this will be threefold: The obese people will be healthier and more people will be able to sit down on the trains if the seats aren’t taken up by people using two of them to park their fat arses on and the people who get the freed up seats will have their stress levels reduced by not having to stand on the train all the way to work. Result. And I’m thinking I could write a health and fitness book called The Juneathon Plan and then maybe it will get made into Juneathon The Movie and I’m wondering if I can get Sandra Bullock to play me and maybe Ant and Dec can play Joggerblogger and Preston and then we’ll need a tall bloke to play Bear and maybe we can get Jude Law to do it and then I’m thinking that if Jude Law does star in my film then sorry Sandra but I’m going to play myself and then the train gets to my stop and I go home and think I will do Juneathon, I must practice what I preach and I go for a quick spin round the park in the rain.

Miles: .47
Total time: 4.25
Average pace: 9.25
Total calories: 40
Plans for Juneathon to take over the world: 1


  • oh yes – there’s definitely a likeness between me and Jude Law 🙂 Or perhaps Clive Owen could play me, he always looks pretty tall?

  • Brad Pitt could play me in the film, its obvious really.

  • Brad doesn’t really do it for me but if you want to be played by Brad, then you shall 🙂

    I’m still keeping Jude over Clive Owen though.

  • Jude is a shortarse, I’ll play myself 🙂

  • 🙂 I have to stand on the tube – can’t travel with peoples crutches in my face.

    Can I have Ray Winstone play me please.

    The other day whilst out running I was thinking about Juneathon – It would be cool if we could get some clout behind it next year, that in mind Preston and I have been putting down some plans… more to come soon 🙂

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