Lardathon Day #3

I’m sorry but I can’t blog today due to my brain being left behind on a treadmill somewhere in Holborn.  I think I need a lie down.  And my feet hurt.

Starting weight: 9 st 4
Current weight: 9 st 3
Breakfast: Soya yoghurt and muesli
Lunch: Quorn sausage sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and light mayo
Dinner: Wholewheat spaghetti with aubergine and tomato sauce
Other: Mini baby bel, nectarine
Lard based confessions: 0
Cows: 0
Treadmill: 90 minutes
Distance: 13k
Speed: 8.5/9/9.5kph


  • It’s sounds like you have done a good Lardathon day 🙂 at least it’s only your feet that are hurting 😉

  • Ok…so I’ve read up on the Lardathon rules now. I think I’ll just join up a wee bit late on this. I’ll start posting the food stuff and workouts from this point forward. Otherwise I’d have to confess to 2 bags of peanut M&M’s on the ride home on Sunday and I’d rather keep that little fact between us. 😉

  • Yeah I think this Lardathon is too hard, I can’t imagine a single day where I wouldn’t have to post a whole long list of confessions. I was force fed ice cream today for example.
    Jogblog is highlighting the dangers of strict adherence to the rules – negligible intake leads to feinting episodes on the treadmill.

  • Am I the only one here taking Lardathon seriously? Tsk 😉

  • Hey what are the 3 races you have lined up for July? I need at least 20 races this month as they give you special dispensation to eat freely.

  • The Tottenham Marshes 5 on Sunday (if they ever send me my race number), the BBC 10k on 19 July, and the Regents Park RfL on 21 July. That’s 3 pizzas and all the beer I can drink by my reckoning 🙂

  • 90 mins on the tread! i can’t even imagine…

  • You are seriously nuts! 90 mins on the treddy??

    Well done you 🙂

  • only found your blog a couple of days ago but just wanted to say that it is easily the best blog I ever read.

    not only that but you’ve inspired me to go running…and that, my dear, is pretty damn amazing.

    all the best

  • Lardathon 🙂 I decided to take a couple of days off this week through sheer laziness.

  • Thanks Nicola and welcome to my blog 🙂

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