Lardathon Day #26

I take the meaning of procrastination to new heights this morning and three hours after first thinking I’ll go to the gym, I finally get my lardy and lazy arse out the door and when I get out of the shop after buying the bus fare, there’s a message from agency number one who says to ring him asap as he has an interview for me this afternoon and I think bollocks, do I go home and go to the interview instead, or shall I go to the gym? and I think I’ll go to the gym, I don’t want to go to an interview today, I’ve got two interviews tomorrow and I am supposed to be on holiday and I get on the peasant wagon and I ring agency number one and he says what are you doing today? and I say I’m going to the gym and he says what are you doing after that? and I say nothing much and he says can you go to an interview at 3.30 and I say no, I’m going to be ages in the gym and then I’ll need to have a shower and wash my hair and stuff and it’ll take too long and can’t I go tomorrow in between the other two interviews and he says no, one of the interviews has had the time changed and there won’t be time but don’t worry, you can go for an interview next week in your lunch hour, the company’s just one minute walk from where you are now and I get to the gym where I struggle through thirty minutes on the cross-trainer and get through a bottle of water in the meantime and I’m wondering if maybe the bottle of wine I had last night has something to do with my weediness and dehydration this morning and I think na, it won’t be the wine, it will be the exertion of walking in high heels yesterday and I think well I’ve paid my £2 on the bus so I might as well stay here for a while and I go on the rowing machine and the mind-numbingly boring bike and then I see the step machine and wonder if I can make it go up and down now unlike last time I tried it and so I give it a try and I manage to do a pitiful five minutes on it but I can barely make it move and after I’ve got changed I see two girls on the step machines and they can make it go up and down fast so I must just be a mega weed and I get outside and I try to run for the bus and OUCH that hurt and I limp onto the bus and then I go home and make myself a toasted sandwich that tastes remarkably like a pizza. But it wasn’t a pizza, honest.

Lardathon stats:
Starting weight: 9 st 4
Current weight: 9 st 5
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Cheese, tomato, onion, capers and green chili toasted sandwich
Dinner: Thai flavoured mushroom stroganoff with rice / two slices of bread
Other: 2 x pear / 1 x peach / 1 x plum
Cross-trainer: 30 minutes
Rowing machine: 30 minutes
Bike: 18 minutes
Step machine: 5 minutes


  • Must be nice to be so wanted 😉 fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  • I suck at interviews. I asked my boss not long ago how come he chose me over the rest of the people and he said “your the only one who wore a suit” :/

  • Oh, Phil. That’s funny. It’s so nice to be wanted for that. Strange why people hire us, huh?!

    I hate those stairs machines too. But I’ve been taking the stairs at work now and skipping the elevator. Only 6 flights though. I really should get on that stair machine and conquer it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try 10 minutes of it.

  • Interviewing is all I’ve seem to be doing the last couple of months… not me though looking for a job. I reckon you can tell nearly straight away if someone is going to be ok… and it helps to wear a suit 😉

  • Will you give me a job please? I have a suit 🙂

  • I don’t have a suit

    I hate interviewing people

  • I don’t like the interviews.Then they ask what can you bring to this company or what are your thoughts on how would you do?Then I feel like I am bragging,but I am good at what I do,and I can back it up but it just feels weird.Good luck.

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