Lardathon Day #27

I get up bright and early at 7am which usually I would consider to be utterly and totally wrong on my day off, and especially on my last day off but it’s the day of the delivery of my new Nokia N95 which is just too exciting to risk missing although I’m not holding out much hope of Royal Mail doing their delivering on time thing and if they do, I’m not expecting them to reach their guaranteed by 1pm thing but wait, ‘kin hell, the postie arrives bright and early at 8am, woo, result!  I eagerly unwrap my new Nokia N95 and oh my, it’s so cool.  Yay.

But I have important business to attend to today, like carrying on this week’s Operation Get My Shit Together, so after four and a half hours of playing with my new Nokia N95, I eventually leave the house and go to the agency who want to give me a pep talk before my two interviews, one of which I’m not looking forward to because a) it’s not in a location I want; and b) I’d be working for a woman and I’d rather work for a man because women are too moody although my present boss is moodier than any woman I’ve ever worked for so maybe it will be a nice break but anyway when I get to the agency, the job they have is open and it’s not going to be decided who I’d work for if I got the job but anyway I go to Baker Street and have forty minutes to spare so I get a mozzarella and tomato ciabatta in keeping with this week’s toastyforlunchathon and then I have the interview which was a waste of time because although the job sounds ok, it’s not in a location I want and they’re offering less holiday than I’m getting now and no benefits.  Crap.

So off I go to Liverpool Street where I get to where the agency have told me to go and I go into a big posh building trying to remember not to talk about cows or say “innit” too much and I go up to reception and the receptionist rings the HR woman and then the receptionist tells me I’m in the wrong place and I need to go to their other office and I think stupid agency sending me to the wrong place, don’t they know I have a bad leg and I can’t be walking around all over London? but I go off to the other office and do my interview which I’m not looking forward to because I’ve been warned it’s a by the book typical HR interview which I’m always crap at, probably because I hate all the dumb questions and my eyes glaze over which is never a good thing to happen at an interview and might just possibly cause a bad impression but I think I get through it ok and don’t fall asleep too often and I get outside and ring the agency and tell him that he sent me to the wrong place and he says ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, you’re right, so I did, I’m so sorry and he says he’ll get back to me and then I go home and because it’s Friday and my feet hurt, I get a bottle of wine.  Yeah yeah, any excuse.

Lardathon stats:
Starting weight: 9 st 4
Current weight: 9 st 5
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Mozzarella and tomato toasted ciabatta
Dinner: Pizza
Lard based confessions: Wine, pizza
Walking around London all day going to interviews


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