Cat pizza

What is it with cats and boxes? Here is my cat making a futile attempt to stop me eating pizza. Ha, dumb cat doesn’t know I’ve already eaten them.

And here she is crammed into a box smaller than she is. Can I get her to go in her basket to go to the vets? Can I fuck. Yet she will happily squeeze herself into a tiny box just for fun.

Angela has kindly(?) tagged me to do some answering questions thing. I am going to have to make stuff up otherwise I am going to sound incredibly dull due to my life consisting solely of eating pizza and not leaving the house. And I can’t have that. But in the meantime I will put off doing it by taking pictures of cats in boxes instead which has the added bonus of taking my mind off the fact that I’ve got to spend all day on the tube and go to the other side of London later. I mean, zone 4? That’s practically abroad. Eek.


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