Morning has broken

After awaking from bad dreams involving psychopathic exes, dead people and car crashes I get up early and decide to go for a run round the park and I’m going through my t-shirts deciding what to wear as I need to do my washing and I only have one running top and I think if I wear that what am I going to wear for tomorrow’s run and I think does it really matter and I think no it doesn’t matter and I pull out a baggy race t-shirt and I think no I can’t wear that and I pull out another race t-shirt which actually fits properly and I get to the park and bollocks the park is shut and I think that’s not fair I’ve been here earlier than this and it was dark then and it wasn’t shut so I go down to the other gate to see if that one’s open and hooray that gate is open and I think I hope there’s no nutters in the park as one of my escape routes is padlocked and I think there probably won’t be any nutters and I go round the park and there’s a woman with a dog in there and it’s ok as the only time I can tolerate other people in the park is at 6:30 in the morning and we smile at each other in that early morning solidarity/you’re probably not a nutter kind of way and I do a couple of laps of the park and when I get home the fake sunrise has just come on and I think I am hardcore, I have been for a run before the sun is up. Yay.

Distance: 1.25 miles
Time: 13:39
Pace: 10:56
Calories: 110
Manic Street Preachers
The Twang


  • Ok you got the moo pics 🙂 I was out running early this morning to but it was bloody lashing down all the way through the run when i got back and sat there eating my breakfast the sun came out 🙂 Oh yeah i wear my running kit twice in a row all the time , it mings a bit but so what?

  • i got woken up at 5am this morning by fighting foxes in the front garden – they were so loud… i actually thought – if i was a proper runner i could bung on my kit and get out before the sun comes up … but alias i went straight back for three more hours zzzz…

  • Early Early Early! nutters – I got woken up by Yoda (well the small the person talking in her sleep)…

    Glad that you are getting out and about again.

    LJ – fighting foxes? sounds like fun

  • My fake sunrise is kaput at the moment – flippin typical that it should shine happily away during the summer and f*%* up in time for SAD season.

    Impressive running commitment shown – gold star!

  • Does your fake sunrise last longer than 10 minutes? I’m usually back asleep by the time it goes off and then wake up in the dark again in the winter.

  • I have it beeping at me as well, if I relied on the sunrise alone I would wake about midday with terrible sunburn.

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