I have a day off today, hurrah, so do I spend it by lounging around in bed ’til lunchtime Neighbours comes on?  No, do I fuck.  I get up at 6:30am and waste some time on the internet and then go out to attempt the three mile route round the marshes and I’m thinking is it safe over the marshes this early as I see people over there when I’m on the train but that’s a bit later and I’m thinking about the female joggers who got murdered over Victoria Park and that was early in the morning I think and I think well I probably won’t get murdered but I take my personal alarm with me and I go out the door and I see my next door but one neighbour and I think eek I don’t want to talk to anybody looking like this and so I pretend to be busy putting my keys in my back pocket and go and hide round the corner and wait for my Garmin to get a signal and then my neighbour walks past and I think bollocks but she doesn’t even smile or say hello or anything and I think miserable cow but I suppose we haven’t actually spoken before which is a shame because then I could tell her how the old woman who lived in the house before her died in the house and was found by the milkman and when the house was on the market Sanjay from Eastenders knocked on my door asking about the area because he was interested in buying the house and I wondered if he wanted to get a job in the market but anyway my neighbour walks off towards the bridge and I think I’ll go on the other side of the road and run past her but then I think we’re going to be going under the bridge at the same time then and she starts running for a couple of feet and I think ooh she must be late for work, running three steps will make sure she’s on time but then she stops on the corner and I think she must be getting the bus, I wonder where she works, doesn’t everyone work in town? and I don’t know where she can be getting on the bus to because it doesn’t go very far and I wonder if she’s getting it to the tube station the lazy moo and then I decide to start running and I go up the road and two ladies of a certain age are getting into a car and they give me a funny look and I get into the marshes and there’s no one about and then I see a man in the long grass and I think why’s that man in the long grass and then I see behind him the two ladies of a certain age and I think why is that man in the long grass with two ladies of a certain age and I think ick I shouldn’t be thinking things like that and so I try and see the cows but they’re far away but I can just about see them and I can also see Canary Wharf and the Gherkin and I think yay I’ve got no work ’til Tuesday and then I get to the stables and I think that’s the same horse as last time and I think duh of course it is, it’s not like they’re going to change the horses every couple of days and I’m thinking when I get to the footbridge I can stop and walk up it because I’m knackered and I have got seriously unfit in the last few weeks and I walk over the footbridge and up to the bread factories and this time when I get to the road where I was nearly run over last time I see a van coming so I stop and he indicates and I think well at least someone knows how to indicate and I don’t get run over and I eventually get home and although it was v. slow, I did it without stopping, yay.

Miles: 2.79
Time: 32.13
Pace: 11:32
Calories: 241
Peter, Bjorn & John
The Twang
Black Wire
The Cribs
Foo Fighters
The Music


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