A taxing day

I get woken up by a text message at 7am and I think why the fuck is my alarm going off, I thought it was Saturday and then I’m confused and I’m thinking it is Saturday isn’t it? and I think yes it’s Saturday and I think I should go and see the cows and then come back and be a geek all day and go through my new php book and then dye my hair and then I think bollocks, I was going to do my tax return today as I’ve been putting it off since April as I do every year and it’s mid-September so I should do it now really and as my accounting system consists purely of me chucking receipts and invoices in a drawer it’s not a job I’m looking forward to and I go over the marshes and not to be outdone by joggerblogger I take a picture of today’s blue sky to prove that it’s not all pea-soupers down here.

And I go past the cows but the cows are sitting down and I can’t see them very well and I think bastard cows sitting down, they should be standing up so I can see them and then I go past the stables and a horse comes over to say hello but when I get my camera out it walks off so I follow it and it sticks its head over the fence again but when I get my camera ready to take its picture again it walks off again and I think horse, you’re really annoying, and so I go home and on the way I see this car that doesn’t have much left of it.

And then I get home and I think I could barely run 3 miles and I’m glad I don’t have to do that three and a bit more times tomorrow at the Robin Hood half and joggerblogger can run it for me by proxy but he’d better get me a decent time though.

Distance: 3.11 miles
Time: 37.12
Pace: 11:56
Calories: 289
Cows sitting down: 6
Camera shy horses: 1
Cars with not much left of them: 1
The Like
Peter, Bjorn & John
Kaiser Chiefs
Courtney Love
The Young Knives


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