TFI Saturday

I get up earlyish and waste two hours doing nothing at all really and eventually go to get changed into running gear and the trousers I put on have a red stripe on them and I pull out a green t-shirt and I think red and green should not be seen, and wonder if I should put on a different t-shirt but I think bollocks to it, it’s only a bit of red, I’m sure it’ll be ok and I put a sock on and it’s inside out and inside out is unlucky but changing it so it’s not inside out anymore is even more unlucky and I don’t want to go over the marshes and be unlucky so I’m not sure what to do so I take it off and put other socks on instead making sure that they’re not inside out and and I go downstairs and wonder why I’m so superstitious and superstitions are all rubbish anyway and if I was that superstitious why did I get a black cat and I go over the marshes and run alongside the river and there’s a heron in my path and I stop to take its photo but it flies off  and I get to where the cows live and I think ha, you can’t fly off and I take their photo whether they like it or not.

And I go past the stables and back to the path leading up to the footbridge and there’s a screech behind me and I turn round and there’s a cyclist about two inches away from me and I jump and he smiles and says sorry and I move to let him get past and I get over the bridge and up the not very reassuringly named Black Path and I want to walk and I think no no no no walking, it’s not far to go now and I stop to walk and I think no no no no walking and I start running again and I get home and think yay, I’ve got two days to do nothing but learn jewellery making and php but then I remember I’ve got some website work to do and I think oh shit.

Distance: 3.23  miles
Time: 37:27
Pace: 11:35
Calories: 313
Herons: 1
Cows: 6
Cyclists 2″ away from me: 1
Bobby Conn
The Divine Comedy
Babes in Toyland
Manic Street Preachers
Jeff Buckley
Citizen Fish
Long Blondes
The Holloways


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