My boss has spent the day steadily creeping back to his old ways, although trying to cover it with a smile, and I think well that’s a week longer than I thought it’d take, I only gave him four days so two week’s not bad, and I go home growling but slightly cheered by the fact that I can try out my new toy and I get home and I realise my phone’s about to run out of battery so I put it on charge then I go downstairs and feed the cat and eek this spider’s on the ceiling in the kitchen

and I’m scared of spiders and so I text Bear and send him a picture of the spider and say help there’s a spider in the kitchen, eek, but he doesn’t say don’t panic, I’ll be right over, he just texts back and says that’s a big one šŸ˜› and I think what if the spider’s gone when I come back, that’s even worse than it still being in the same place because how do I know it’s left the building and isn’t just sitting somewhere else, maybe getting comfy in my bed or something? but I decide to be brave and go for my run anyway and not sit in the kitchen all night on spider watch and I wonder if my cat can get up a ladder and eat it for me and I decide she probably can’t and I go and get my phone and my Garmin as I’m not trusting my phone to work and I go and sit on the wall and my Garmin gets a signal in a few seconds but my phone’s not doing anything and so I walk up the road a bit and keep waiting and keep waiting but it’s still not picking up a signal and I think maybe it’s too built up, maybe I should go home and put it in the garden but then I think if I do that there’sĀ  no way I’ll get out the door again and so I put the phone in my pocket and head off for my old three mile route and it doesn’t take me long before I’m reminded why I don’t like running round the streets in the evening and that’s because there’s so much traffic and people and I have to stop every few feet for a road or a person or even worse a fucking cyclist on the pavement who needs shooting, especially the one that nearly ran me over going the wrong way up a one way street after work, but after a mile and a half it clears a bit and I start enjoying my run and think it’s nice to run in the dark with a nice cool breeze and I look at my Garmin and I think I don’t think this is going to be 3 miles, this must be the 2.7 mile route and I think oh well, I’ll just do 2.7 miles and I get home and feel unstressed and I upload the data and I’ve gone a lot quicker than I’ve managed in the last few weeks and I think to myself I must go running outside in the evening more often, yay.

Distance: 2.79 miles
Time: 29:39
Pace: 10:38
Calories: 270
Big spiders in the kitchen: 1


  • Whats the point of having a cat if it doesn’t eat spiders, or at least roll em up into a spit ball?

    What happened with the phone in the end? Did it not get a signal at all? Hard to beat a garmin.

  • That looks like one of them bed spiders šŸ˜‰

    Nice job on the running – I did a couple around Canary Wharf this week, running in the country is better, you don’t have to avoid as many droids.

  • She does eat spiders but she can’t climb up walls to get them. I didn’t want to knock it down onto the floor in case it ran off and hid under washing machine or something. I’d prefer it to stay where I can see it.

    I’ll have to try again with the N95. My mate got the GPS to work in her flat so don’t know why mine struggles so much.

  • i had a great big spider in my flat too … the photo looks very similar!

  • it would have run off before I’d got there!

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