Before the sun comes up

I went to bed early last night in an attempt to get up early and go for a run before work so I set my alarm for 6 but my brain decides to wake me up at 5 and I’m still awake at 5:30 but then feel myself drifting off so I get up and the cat looks at me like, yeah right, course you’re getting up and she reluctantly follows me down the stairs and I give her her breakfast and she looks at it and yawns and goes back to bed and I think cat, you’re not helping me stay awake here and I make a cup of tea and make my breakfast to take to work with me and I empty the dishwasher and I check my email and the usual websites and then it’s coming up to 6:30 and I think I’d better go out for my run now but it’s still dark and I think where shall I go? I don’t want to go to the park in the dark and anyway I want to do three miles this morning and I’m not running around the park eight times because I will get dizzy and my brain will fall out and I think will it be safe round the streets, they’ll be empty and I think it’ll probably be ok and I get my Garmin, iPod and alarm and think I can’t hang around the street waiting for a signal, people will think I’m a nutter hanging around in the dark so I decide to go to the bus stop and pretend I’m waiting for a bus but the bus stop is busy and I think a bus must be coming soon, they’ll think I’m a nutter if I don’t get on the bus so I walk up the road a bit and wait and it doesn’t take long for my Garmin to get a signal and I start to run and there’s a lot of traffic and people and I think so much for me having the streets to myself, it’s not a lot quieter than a Saturday lunchtime and I go to the cross the road and nearly get run over by a cyclist who hasn’t got his light on and I think dickhead, put your light on, and I get to the bridge at Bakers Arms and a man turns round and sees me and stops and I have to squeeze through a 2 inch gap between him and a pillar and he says sorry and I think why couldn’t you have moved out of the way? and then a cyclist comes down the pavement without his light on and I think fucking cyclists, stick to the road you dickhead, and put your light on, and then there’s another cyclist coming down the pavement without his light on and I think what the fuck, no one told me it was National Cycle Down The Pavement In The Dark Without Lights On Day and I get home and my alarm’s going off and I thought I’d turned it off before I left and it’s still not daylight yet but my fake sunrise has come on and the cat has finally got out of bed and I am minging but I haven’t got time to wash, dry and straighten my hair and I’m going out tonight to see the Greatest Musician In The World Ever, eek.

Distance: 2.75 miles
Time: 30:02
Pace: 10:55
Calories: 266
Cyclists without lights on: 3
Bobby Conn
The Cure
Stereo Total


  • What’s with all the anti cyclist aggression? – they are nice loving people, even the brainless ones without lights.

  • By the way, I am bloody impressed that you can get up before the fake sunlight. 5.30am is pitch black in my flat and there is not a chance of me getting out and exercising my lard.

  • *note to self
    never forget lights and never ride on pavements cos you’ve forgoten your lights… 🙂

    nice job getting up so early.

  • I spend a large part of my day dodging cyclists going through red lights, cycling on the pavement or going the wrong way up one way streets. I’m getting very tempted to carry a large umbrella round with me to poke through their spokes.

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