I am not feeble

I went to bed early last night and this morning got up with my fake sunrise and decide to wait until it’s daylight to go for a run but I’m still knackered and I’ve been tired all week and I wonder why I’ve had no energy and I think I probably need to eat more chips instead of living on soup and water and I get outside and close the front door behind me and bloody hell it’s cold and I get to the marshes and it’s windy too like I don’t go slow enough already and I get to the stables and a horse comes to the fence to say hello so it would be rude not to take its picture.

And apart from the horse based photo emergency I manage to do a mile without stopping and it’s lightly raining which is nice and refreshing and I go past the cows but they’re too far away for me to take their photo and I go over my favourite bridge and get to the marina.

and a bit further down I see two swans having a chat

and I get to the bridge and I go into Tottenham marshes and there’s an old man on a boat with a pointy woolly hat on and bushy grey hair and he looks like an elf and I’m wondering if I can get to the other side of the river to come back down and I can’t remember where I ran in the Tottenham Marshes 5 race but I’m sure on the last stretch it backed onto itself but I can’t see where and I get to the bridge where the race started and I wonder if I can go down the other side so I go to investigate and there’s a gate and a sign so I go to see what the sign says and it says anti-climb paint and I think well I don’t want to climb over it anyway and I try the gate but the gate is locked and it must be for houseboat owners only and I look at my Garmin and it says I’ve done 4 miles and I think I should go back the way I came as I don’t want to overdo it and go further and I’m 2 miles from home so I go back the way I came and I see a rat but it runs off too quickly for me to take its photo and a few feet further along I see another rat and it’s in this photo somewhere, honest.

And then I think maybe I don’t want to live on a boat after all if there’s loads of rats around and then I think about the rat in my attic which I’ve heard twice this week and then Elf Man walks past me and he’s carrying a big sack on his back and I think wow he really is Santa’s Little Helper after all and then I’m back on the street and two miles later I’m home and I’ve done nearly 6.5 miles but really really slowly and I’m going to have to stop taking photos every five minutes. Hmm.

Today’s route

Distance: 6.43 miles
Time: 1:19:05
Pace: 12:17
Calories: 606
Horses: 1
Cows: 6
Swans: 2
Rats: 2
Elf Men: 1
Bikini Kill
Mark Ronson
Maximo Park
The Coral
The Gossip
The Kooks
Stereo Total
Dirty Pretty Things
Faith No More
Scissor Sisters
The Fratellis
Rollins Band
The Damned
Sex Pistols
Siouxsie & The Banshees


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