The gloves are on

Running in the evening never seems like a good idea when I get in from work and the reality’s not usually much cop either but I get changed before I change my mind and make vegetarian beef style teriyaki instead and stay in and make some more rings like these

and I get outside and FUCK IT’S COLD and I go back indoors and put my gloves on and I think to myself I need some new running kit, I haven’t got enough winter stuff and I set off on my five mile route and it’s not as easy as I found it last week and it’s cold and it’s windy and there’s loads of people and cars in my way and my iPod’s not throwing up great tunes  and I think I’m going to cut my run short and just do three miles and then I think no I can’t do that as no exercise = no low fat brownies as in this month’s Runner’s World magazine which I made yesterday and which are very nice indeed and apparently an ideal post-run snack after training on dark Winter evenings although I decided they were the ideal pre-run fuel too as a finely tuned athlete can’t live on spinach soup alone and I keep going and I think I promised myself I was going for a run on Wednesday evening too although if I go out tomorrow night I don’t think that’s going to happen and I think am I ever going to manage three runs in a week? and I decide I probably won’t and I eventually do 5 miles and I’ve done under 11 minute miles for the first time in about five months, hurrah.

Distance: 5.06 miles
Time: 55:35
Pace: 10:59
Calories: 458
Low fat brownies: 1 (so far today)
Rollins Band
Soft Cell
Temple Cooper Clause
Faith No More
Polyphonic Spree

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