The Hyde Parkers

Yesterday saw the first outing of the Hyde Parkers and I would have blogged immediately as I usually do had I not been in the pub stretching, refueling, resting, and, er, that other stuff proper athletes do.

We did a slow 4 miles around the perimeter of Hyde Park then me and Jo sloped off to the pub while we waited for those speedy types to do another lap before coming to the pub to get the beers in, then much beer was consumed and many chips were eaten but proper athletes need carbs right?

And in the unlikely event that the scumbag who stole Jo’s bag a) can read; and b) is reading this blog:  I hope you get hit by a bus.  And I don’t mean a small Hoppa bus, but a really big bus.  Maybe a bendy one.  They’re quite big.

Yesterday’s route

Distance: 4.31 miles
Time: 51:14
Pace: 11:54
Calories: 405
Pubs: 1
Bags nicked: 1


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