Running commute #7

I get soaked on my way to work this morning and although I put my rucksack in front of the heater to dry, it doesn’t occur to me that the contents might be wet so come 5:00, I open my rucksack to find my running kit cold and damp.  Nice.  Still, because I am hardcore, this does not deter me and I go and get changed and do my commute which is pretty uneventful really, in fact it’s not eventful at all, as I don’t even stop at Somerfield to buy wine as a) I’ve got some at home; and b) I’m going to the pub.  Where I shall probably get drunker than will be good for me but today I think I did the right thing and I don’t think I’ve done that before.

Distance: 6.61 miles
Time: 1:18:43
Pace: 11:54
Calories: 619
Somerfields: 0
Right things: 1
Faith No More
Polyphonic Spree
Bobby Conn
Rollins Band
The Cure
Manic Street Preachers


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