Food for fuel

My hangover wasn’t as bad as originally envisaged so I got up early to go and do my scheduled 9 miles although I wasn’t sure how far I was going to get due to not having eaten since yesterday lunchtime which I wasn’t sure was the best training strategy nutrition-wise.

I get a mile and a half into the marshes and I stop to look at the sign to see how far Clissold Park is as londonjogger said there’s deer over there and it says 1.5 miles and I think cool, there’s deer just a mile and a half away but I don’t know how to get to the park and I remember that I was going to look in the A-Z but I’d forgotten and I think I can’t go now, I’ll get lost, so I continue down the marshes and the church has gone and they’ve replaced the grass they ruined by dancing all over it or whatever it is Christians do and I get to Hackney Marshes and a couple overtake me on the bridge and I think fucking cheek and they stop to walk round the puddles and I think lightweights and they turn off the way I want to go and I think bollocks, I’ll have to run alongside the river and dodge the puddles and when I get back to the path I see the lightweights ahead of me and I think fuck, I hope I’m not going to be following them all the way round but when they get to the edge of the marshes they turn back and I’ve spent the first 3 miles with the sun in my eyes and the sun must live in Hackney as when I get to the edge of the marshes the sun is huge and right in front of me, blinding me and I have to stop as I can’t see and then I get to the forest bit and there’s still loads of new year people out and I think I should be pleased as I’m usually scared when I’m on my own in the forest bit especially as the Cure song “Forest” always comes into my head at that point which doesn’t help me be any less scared and then I’m back in Walthamstow Marshes and I’m walking and thinking I’m hungry now and when I get home I’m going to have a bacon sandwich and then I remember I have sausages too and I think I’ll have a bacon and sausage sandwich and then I’m in a quandry because then I think maybe I should have one of each and I can’t decide and I think it would be nice if the only thing to ever worry about is whether to have a bacon or sausage sandwich or a bacon and sausage sandwich and I’m running and walking and I’m thinking I’m not going to make 9 miles oh fuck and there’s still loads of new year people and I think oh well they’ll be gone by the end of the month and then I think maybe they’re training for the London marathon in which case they’ll be gone by April and I get up to the rowing club and I’ve got about three miles left and I’m still walking loads and my legs are aching and I’ve got no energy at all and I think that will teach me for not eating and going to the pub instead and I walk most of the remaining three miles and think to myself that next week I will stay in and eat pizza and not drink because next week comes my next milestone of 10 miles, oh yes.

9.22 miles
Time: 2:00:44
Pace: 13:05
Calories: 779
Churches: 0
Suns: 1
Sausage and bacon sandwiches: 1
Faith No More
The Police
Boomtown Rats
Bee Gees
Bobby Conn
Primal Scream
Joy Division vs Missy Elliott
Manic Street Preachers
Sex Pistols


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