Another milestone reached

Due to there being no trains tomorrow to St Albans, getting to tomorrow’s 10 mile race on time would mean leaving the house at about 6am, so I drop out of my sixth race in a row and decide to do ten miles locally at a civilised hour; today’s civilised hour of choice being lunchtime.

It’s raining which is my favourite running weather and it’s quite busy with runners and dog walkers over the marshes but today the runners are a bunch of miserable fuckers and don’t smile or say hello like they usually do when it’s raining and I think they must be new year people but they are out in the rain which is usually only the preserve of the hardcore but then I see the man that I’ve seen three or four weeks in a row over there and he says hello and I say hello back and I’m wondering if he just runs round Hackney Marshes all day as I see him every week and I’m always out there at different times and I think maybe he’s my stalker and then I think he might be thinking the same about me. Hmm.

I get back to the marina and past the rowing club and remember that I was going to take a mile detour up Tottenham Marshes then come back down to the street as that should take me up to ten miles by the time I get home but then I think it might be too far and I’ll just get back to the park and go round there until I get to ten miles and I get to the park and I’ve only done 8.9 miles and I think shit, I thought back to home was 9.3 miles so I go round the park a couple of times and there’s a speedy type in there and he laps me and I think bloody hell he’s quick and quite cute too and I wonder how often he runs in the park and then I’ve done ten miles and I seem to have done it without walking or without stopping to take photos of cows or without walking over bridges or without walking up the steep bits, in fact I’ve run the whole ten miles non stop but I did make sure I ate properly yesterday so maybe there’s something in this eating malarky after all.

Today’s route

Distance: 10.20 miles
Time: 1:52:12
Pace: 10:59
Calories: 959
Races missed tomorrow: 1
The Wombats
The Killers
Tori Amos
The Like
Bobby Conn


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