Sweet as Spaniels

Due to people giving feeble excuses such as not being in the country, a sprained ankle, and imaginary spinning classes, I head off to Speaker’s Corner to meet the two new recruits to the SAS and as I am hardcore, I run down there from work but my Garmin doesn’t want to get a signal and so I stand in the middle of the road on a triangle junction thing until I realise I probably look a bit of a twat so continue on my way Garminless but it eventually picks up a signal about a mile down the road and I get to Speakers Corner early as I manage not to get lost and end up in Harlesden or Brighton and I wait for the others and we exchange the usual pleasantries like “is Hopping Bunny your real name?” and we head off round the park and I’m leading the way until I realise that I don’t actually know the way so I obviously haven’t been paying much attention although I’ve done it twice before and it’s practically a rectangle (although I actually think it’s more of a parallelogram) and I only have to turn off four times but I get confused about which four but we do a lap of the park without stopping and then two of us go to the pub for a quick pint where I am informed about the new spaniel-based recruit that will be joining us in a few months. Sweet as.

And also on the new recruit front, Angela is coming out to drink Stella run with us next week, hurrah.  Any other Londoners out there want to join us?  Go on, you know you want to really…

Yesterday’s route

Distance: 6.26 miles
Time: 1:11:59
Pace: 11:29
Calories: 589
Spaniels: 1
Pints: 1.5


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