Sober as Swans

After much procrastination about whether or not to run with the SAS tonight due to me having had a sore throat girlflu stylee since Sunday and also my legs have been aching since Sunday due to them not having had the two days miraculous recovery time from that long weekend run thing, I eventually say ok I’m coming running with the Swans and we make a list and everything geek stylee and by the end of the day only one person has dropped out and miraculously that person wasn’t me and I went down to Hyde Park and met up with Alec, Francesca and Angela and we decided that me and Angela would do a slow half lap as I wasn’t really up to much and Alec and Francesca could go off and be speedy types and we’d see them next week.

We set off and Angela asks me if I know the way and I say yes of course I do, I’ve done this five times now but even though I’m trying my hardest to put on my convincing face, she looks unconvinced but I do find the posh private road to run down and not just because everyone else seemed to be running down there and then we get to her short cut and we get back to the street and she says how far have we done and I say 3.42 miles and she says shall we extend it? and I say errrrrr, if you want to and she says yes and I call her a slavedriver and we eventually make it to the pub and we’ve done 4.66 miles which isn’t far short of the usual 5 anyway and I exercise some moderation and only have three bottles of Bud instead of three bottles of wine and I make it to the tube sober and to the train station and I’ve missed my train by 32 seconds which pisses me off but then the train flashes onto the board and I think hurrah, it must still be there and I go to the platform just to see it disappear down the platform in a Bullseye “look what you would have won” stylee and I think gits, why did they put on the platform a train that’s left but another train comes 15 minutes later and I think this must be the first time in a long time that I’ve remembered getting home. Yay.

Distance: 4.66 miles
Time: 57:00
Pace: 12:14
Calories: 428
Bottles of Bud: 3

More stats and pic of route here


  • 3 buds – that’s more mates than i’ve got 😉
    I need to come on out with you guys on this run asap! I’ll try and get a overnighter – looking forward to meeting Angela.

  • Oh that’d be wicked if you could make it! Londonjogger said she’s coming out with us in March. It’ll be a blogger’s reunion.

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