Running commute #8

After this week’s festival of gluttony which saw me out most nights partaking in some over consumption of pizza, pancakes, beer and wine, not to mention the mega munchies I had every day which rendered me powerless to resist the lure of the crisps and chocolate in Sainsburys and the corner shop, although I am so tired this morning I forget to take my breakfast and lunch to work with me, I do however commit to my running schedule and take my running gear with me and after a discussion about whether when you have beans and cheese on toast should the cheese go on top or underneath the beans (on top obviously) I sneak out of work early and head off home and I wait at the bus stop in a pretending to wait for the bus kind of way and wait for my Garmin to get a signal but as usual it’s taking ages and a cute bloke comes to the bus stop and I think well at least I’ve got something to look at while I’m waiting but before he’s even sat down my Garmin springs into action and I think bloody typical.

All is pretty much uneventful until I’m about a third of the way down Essex Road when a red light appears on the pavement in front of me and follows me down the road, in a in front of me kind of way and I think WHAT THE FUCK?  what’s that?  is someone pointing a laser at me and I’m going to get shot or something? but I don’t want to turn round and see where it’s coming from and the red light eventually goes and I don’t get shot and I get further down the street and have to stop for traffic and something hits my foot and it’s a little red plastic strawberry shaped thing and I think why are little red things following me down the road and I think things come in threes, what’s the next little red thing going to be?  but there doesn’t appear to be any more little red things and the rest of the journey is pretty uneventful and red-thing-less although I’m very tired and I’m wondering if maybe I should jump on the train half way at Hackney Downs and I think no I can’t, there won’t be a Hackney Downs station half way round my half marathon and probably not one in the 15 mile cross country race I’ve entered three weeks after that either so I carry on and I don’t get murdered on Murder Mile so I can’t use that as an excuse for not running with the SAS on Tuesday and I don’t stop at Somerfield to buy wine as I already have half a bottle at home and then I’m home and it’s the weekend and the festival of gluttony continues, hurrah.

Distance: 6.42 miles
Time: 1:18:21
Pace: 12:12
Calories: 592
Red things: 2
Festivals of gluttony: 1
Kate Nash
The Killers
Boomtown Rats
Haircut 100
Arctic Monkeys
Belle & Sebastian
The Bravery
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Citizen Fish
The Damned
Foo Fighters
Franz Ferdinand
The Kooks
Manic Street Preachers


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